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Shatterproof Fogless Shower Mirror with Razor Holder and Suction Cup


Luxo shower mirror is the perfect solution to your shaving needs! The anti-fog coating allows you to see clearly and save time while taking care of your grooming in the shower! The fogless mirror quickly installs with no tools! Easily adjust the plastic mirror to get a clean shave and use the razor holder to keep your shower accessories within reach. How to install Luxo fogless mirror The suction cup will adhere best to smooth, non-porous surfaces such as tile, glass, marble, porcelain, and mirror. The suction cup will NOT hold on stucco, wallpapers, most painted walls, and any porous surfaces. To ensure a firm bond, surfaces should be totally free of dirt before attaching the suction cup. Follow these simple steps for best results: 1. Scrub the surface with a household cleaner, rinse, and dry thoroughly. De-grease the surface with rubbing alcohol if necessary. 2. Remove the protective film from the suction cup. 3. Turn the suction cup to the unlocked position and press it firmly in place. 4. While applying pressure, turn the rotating part of the suction cup clockwise until you hear a click. To remove the mirror, turn the rotating part of the suction cup counterclockwise and pull the release tab. High-quality tweezers included A must-have grooming tool – suitable for eyebrows, nose, ear, and other facial hair. Comfortable grip and a precision tip to grab every hair, every time. Professional slant design and white matt finish. Ideal for both Men and Women. Choosing the right place for your mirror Position the mirror away from direct shower spray. Do not put the mirror under running water for long as it will reduce the anti-fog effect.

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