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HOTO Electric Screwdriver Set, 3.6V Cordless, USB-C Charging, LED Light, 3 Torque, 5N.m, 1500mAh


INTELLIGENT ROTARY KNOB Built-in intelligent chip and the four-stage rotary knob allow torque adjustment to fit the job. Find the perfect force to achieve maximum efficiency. INSTANT STOP Smart instant stop feature avoids screws from scratching and wrist injuries due to over-rotation. FROSTED AL ALLOY STORAGE BOX Frosted texture processed with anodized sandblasting. The soft rubber top handle creates comfortabilityand portability. 12 2-IN S2 STEEL LONG BITS 12 pieces of 2-IN/50mm S2 alloy steel bits, with a hardness up to 60HRC. Resilient, durable. Previous page MODIFICATION-LOVING GEEK For speaker set and computer hardware, low torque is easily controllable. AT-HOME DIYER For bookcase and flower shelf Mediumtorque is perfect for unscrewing any part URBAN TRAVELER For skateboard and bicycle Largest torque is helpful in assembling multiple transportation tools SHUT DOWN COMPLETELY The lock mode avoids unintentional contact and avoids injury. Next page 1 TORQUE LEVEL 1 2 TORQUE LEVEL 2 3 TORQUE LEVEL 3 4 OFF SCREWDRIVER & DRILL & TOOL SET Cordless Screwdriver Cordless Screwdriver Box Precision Screwdriver Kit 28 in 1 Screwdriver 25 in1 Screwdriver Cordless Brushless Drill Cordless Drill Tool Set Cordless ✔ Type Power screwdriver Precision electric screwdriver Manual Precision Screwdriver Power brushless drill Power brushless drill tool set # of Bit 12 25 26 28 18 Battery/Charging 1500 mAh/USB-C 350 mAh/USB-C / 2000 mAh/USB-C Speed 220RPM 170RPM 1400RPM

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