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Ebitcam 4G LTE Cellular Trail/Game Camera


Explore nature anytime with the 360° live view provided by Ebitcam Cellular Trail Camera. Designed for the wild area, ranch (such as deer/horse ranch) etc, it is a 4G game camera that can pan and tilt. With a 2K resolution and remote live view function, you can check the video anytime and anywhere. Optional Mounting Methods for Hunting Camera and its Solar Panel Previous page Full Coverage with 360° View Easily and remotely control the camera to pan & tilt for 360°overview, leaving no blind spots. Provided Non-stop Powered Even if there is no electric power in wild area, you can use this solar trail camera easily. Detects Animals & People Triggers within 0.3s, alerts you when animals or people passing by. Frees you from false alarms. View and Playback Video Remotely View and playback videos remotely by using the timeline to locate the moments, with just a few taps. Siren & Real-time Two Way Talk The built-in mic & speaker will pick up sound and the siren can help you deter vandals and thieves. Next page 1 Pan & Tilt for 360° View 2 Solar and Battery Powered 3 Smart PIR Motion Alerts 4 View & Playback Remotely 5 Two Way Audio Designed for game & trail, places where is 4G coverage but no electric power 4G LTE Connectivity, 300M Free Trial Data This trail camera comes with an EIOT Club data SIM card. It has 300M free trial data for users to use this camera. After running out, users need to top up cellular data on UBox. If the camera goes offline after a short time of live viewing, please check if the traffic is running out. I could not connect this 4G security camera with verizon network while I am using my own Card. What can I do? The 4G camera can supports Verizon’s network only when users use SIM card which comes with package. I could not connect my camera with 4G network, why? Please check the following items 1. Whether the SIM card is inserted correctly. 2. Whether the correct SIM card type is used. This camera supports prepaid SIM card which works with verizon, AT&T, T-mobile. 3. Whether the SIM card has enough traffic. My camera is offline suddenly, what can I do? 1.Please confirm whether your data plan has been run out. If not, please top it up, then restart it manually or wait for 1 hour to restart automatically. 2.Please confirm whether your device is out of battery. If not, please charge it. Is this prepaid SIM card? how does the data plan charge? If I don’t top up in time, will this camera go offline? It is a prepaid SIM card included 300M free trial cellular data with limited due date. When it is useed up 80%, you need to buy cellular data, or it will be offline. The fee for cellular data is dollar 14.9/3GB/30-day. Can I use this cellular camera in other countries? The camera is suitable to use in the North American areas (US, Mexico, Canada). Other countries are incompatible. If you want to use it in Canada or Mexico, you need to insert a local SIM card.


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