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CROWNFUL Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, 26lbs in 24H, Self-Cleaning, Portable


Still worrying about not having enough ice at home? Never worry about running out of ice again with the CROWNFUL Ice Maker! The compact stainless steel body blends perfectly with your countertop; it makes ice cubes in just 18 mins, Meet your urgent need for ice; produces 26lbs in 24h, and the efficient and low-noise operation, which will not affect your life at all; bin could hold 3lbs at a time, It is big enough to meet the need for ice cubes at the party. Good for Thanksgiving Day Gifts & Christmas Presents What is Nugget Ice? Chewable sonic nugget ice is made from compacted ice flakes. Compared to standard tough ice cubes, the crunchy soft nugget ice blends easily with drinks and it is softer which will not damage your teeth. Granular ice cools the drink quickly and enjoys soft nuggets of ice that retain flavors and are easy to chew. Perfect for cocktails, whisky, sodas, and other fruit tea chilled beverages. SPECIFICATIONS Water Reservoir Capacity: 2.7L / 91.29oz Production in 24H: 26lbs Power Source: 120V/60Hz Rated Current: 3.0A Refrigerant: R600a /20g Housing: SUS430+ABS Package Content: 1 x Ice Maker, 1 x Ice Basket, 1 x Ice Scoop Automatic Cleaning The countertop ice maker has an advanced automatic cleaning function which greatly facilitates your daily maintenance work. Just select cleaning to enter the automatic cleaning function. (Please clean the ice machine regularly) Easy Draining Easy to remove the drain tube hose or you can connect a longer drain pipe tube. (machine water pipe length: 13inch). Ice Basket & Ice Scoop You can bring all the ice made by taking out the ice basket and carry it to the place where you need the ice such as a party or any event. Use the ice scoop to fill the glass with ice. NOTE Please do not use distilled water , pure water with low TDS value, water for various beverages, warm water, water with a high PH. To ensure normal use, please use running water, mineral water, and conventional pure water. Time of Ice Making: It’s affected by the ambient and water temperature. Please operate the ice maker at an environment with an ambient temperature between 10℃ and 32℃ and fill the water reservoir with water ranges between 8℃ and 28℃, ice making effect is better. The ice machine is not a freezer. Please use the ice ASAP or transfer it to your freezer . Heat Generation: The ice maker generates some heat while it is working, so a 6-inch clearance should be kept on all sides for proper ventilation. Remember to put it in a dry and cool environment and stay away from heat sources such as ovens, heaters and corrosive gases. Sound Made by Ice Maker: This ice maker is designed to work quietly but will make some sounds during operation. Here are some tips for some situations: Caused by frozen components: Turn off the ice maker for 45-60 minutes for ice to melt. Clean the ice maker with solution. Then run cleaning program 2-3 times with fresh water before making ice again. Caused by exhaust fan: Make sure the ambient temperature is below 95°F (35°C) and a 6-in clearance should be kept on all sides for proper ventilation. Caused by resonance: Remove any other object that is in contact with the ice maker. Caused by compressor: Operate this ice maker on a level surface. 26 lb. Ice Maker 33 lb. Smart Ice Maker 100 lb. Ice Maker Material SUS430+ABS SUS304+ABS ABS SUS430+ ABS Smart Control No ✓ Silver Size 9.05×17.64×16.96in 12.2×9.05×12.8inch 13.7×9.8×11.4inch 9.69×15.75×16.93in 17.64*15.75*31.42 inch Ice Shape Granule Bullet Cube Ice Dimension 0.9×1.2 inch 0.9×1.3 inch 1×1.4 inch 0.9×0.9 inch Operating Cycle 18mins 9pcs/7-15mins 9pcs/8-15mins 45pcs/11-20mins Refrigerant R600a /20g R600a /23g R134a /68g R600a /27.5g R290a/95g Water Reservoir Capacity 2.7L 1.8L 2.8L Automatic water supply Ice Basket Capacity 3.3lbs 0.8L 33lbs Production in 24H 26lbs 26 pounds 100 lbs

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