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BRJEC Wireless Keyboard, Ergonomic 2.4G Computer Keyboard with Indicator Light, Full Size for Laptop/Desktop

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2023 Newest Version – CK360G Wireless Keyboard – Comfortable ,High Performance, High Efficiency, Meet Your All Need Powerful Features Make BRJEC Wireless Keyboard be the Best Choice Efficient Desktop Keyboard Wireless — The wireless computer keyboard preserving the keys of the numeric keypad and full-size keyboard. Cordless keyboard and 12 function keys allows you to quickly access the music/control volume/mail, etc. Stable 2.4G Wireless Connection — Powerful and reliable connection of wireless keyboard is up to 10 m(393.7in). Wireless keyboard share a Nano receiver (stored at the bottom of the Keyboard) without installing any additional software, plug and play. Keep your desk clean and tidy. Auto Power Saving Function — This wireless keyboard has auto power saving function, when the keyboard is inactivity more than 10 minutes, it will enter sleeping mode separately to save power, which effectively extends the battery life. It can wake up the keyboard by pressing any key. Note: The keyboard requires 2*AAA batteries. (battery not included) 13 Multimedia Hotkeys — This full-sized wireless keyboard has 13 multimedia hotkeys for easy instant access to your music, mail, computer, favorites ect, it brings convenience to your work and entertainment. There are number lock, caps lock and power indicators in the upper right corner of the keyboard to indicate the working status. ( Note: Some multimedia functions are not available with Mac OS ) Quiet Keyboard — The wireless office keyboard’ s scissor switch keys provide less noise. Light and responsive tactile keystroke makes typing soft and comfortable. It is fast and precise, keep quiet while maintaining sensitivity. Never worry about disturbing others to rest while working or playing. Ultra-Slim and Portable Design — Wireless pc keyboard has 16×5.5×0.8in(43*14*2cm), 0.8in(2cm) ultra-thin ABS plastic body, which can save space and easy to carry. Kit keyboard and mouse wireless’s sleek design is super match with office desk. Perfect for business travel, office, home, library and many public occasions. Wide Compatibility & Lifetime After-sales — The wireless keyboard is compatible with Windows XP / ME/ Vista / 7 / 8 /10 /11/ OS operating systems. If you have any question, please connect us ! Friendly After-Sales Service — We provide you with strong after-sales service and excellent product quality. As an 8-year-old store, all products have gone through strict quality inspection to ensure that you receive a functional and quality product. CK360G Wireless Keyboard also applies a powerful hardware configuration making the operation super smooth and the user experience a step up. Widely Compatibility with Windows/Mac OS/Linux System But please note the Copy/Paste shortcut buttons in Windows and Mac OS system are different: 1.Copy/Paste Shortcut Buttons Combination in Mac System: Win + C/V 2.Copy/Paste Shortcut Buttons Combination in Windows and others System: Ctrl + C/V Smart Auto Power-saving Design Provides More Durable & Extended Battery life 1. Independent power switch makes it easy to save battery when you are not working. 2. When you stop using the keyboard more than 10 minutes, it will auto-enter sleep mode respectively to save power. It can wake up the wireless keyboard by pressing any key. 3. The setting of the keyboard greatly enhances the battery life, save you from the hassle of frequent battery replacement ! 4.Two AAA Batteries provides months working supports. 5.When the battery goes low, the battery indicator flashes red Multimedia Shortcuts and Full Size Layout with Numric Keys Makes Working More Efficiency and Easy. The Scissor Structure ,2.4G Wireless Tech and Splash-proof Design Makes Working Smooth for All the Time . Quiet and Soft Scissor Switch Design 1.The wireless office keyboard’ s scissor switch keys provide less noise. 2.Light and responsive tactile keystroke makes typing soft and comfortable. 3.It is fast and precise, keep quiet while maintaining sensitivity. Never worry about disturbing others to rest while working or playing. 2.4G Wireless Connection 1.Plug and play,just simply set wireless keyboard.Open your computer and plug the usb receiver. 2.With 2.4G anti-jamming signal transmission, when the battery is sufficient,the longest distance in open environment is up to 10M/33FT . Splash-proof Function 1.The Wireless Keyboard with tight, modern, ergonomic design gives your setup just the right amount of edge. 2.If you accidentally spill the water from the teacup on the keyboard, just wipe it gently with a paper towel. Choose 2023 Newest Version -CK360G Wireless Keyboard, Choose Quiet, Long Lasts, Convienent. Enjoy the Quiet Click 1.The unique structure of the keyboard can greatly reduce the volume of the keys, and the percussion is quieter. 2.Never Worry about disturbing others. 15 Month Battery Life 1.The keyboard is powered by 2*AAA battery 2.An independent power toggle switch is set on the front of the keyboard 3.The elegant wireless keyboard will automatically sleeps in 10 minutes. Where is the USB receiver? 1.The USB Receiver is in keyboard battery compartment. 2.You can find it when you open the battery compartment cover. 2023 Newest Version – CK360G Wireless Keyboard – Best Choice for Home /Office /Library/Restroom Important Instructions You may Need to Know >> How does the Power Indicator Work ? ( After the new battery is put into the keyboard: 1. If the connection goes normally with the computer, the power red indicator will flash 5-8 seconds and then off, the computer will working normally. 2. If the computer is not normally connected with the keyboard, the power red indicator lights on for a long while to indicate you and then off. 3. When on Low battery mode ,the Power Red Indicator will flash when you press any key . So when you first start using, the power red indicator keeps flashing for 5-8 seconds is normal. >> The Keyboard Response Is Delayed and Works Abnormally, How to Solve It? 1. The battery may be low, please replace the battery for the keyboard/mouse. 2. It may be caused by the computer being stuck, please restart the computer and try again. 3. The maximum use distance of this product is 33ft, please keep it within 33ft. 4. And be sure there are no metal obstacles between the keyboard/mouse and the receiver. >> Tips: Solution to Connection Exception 1. Take out the battery and USB receiver, reload the battery and plug the receiver into the computer. 2. Turn on the keyboard switch, which should be within 20cm away from the receiver. 3. Press and hold the keyboard “ESC” + “K” keys together to pair again. Note:If the solution doesn’t help, repeat the steps to pair again. If still fail, please contact our service team.


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