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Aeropress Original Coffee Press – 3 in 1 Brew Method


Includes the AeroPress coffee maker, scoop, stirrer and paper micro-filters Easily makes 8oz (237ml) of regular coffee or 1-3 espresso style shots per pressing in about a minute. Make yourself a delicious cold brew in just two minutes! Perfect for espresso-style coffee! Prepare lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based drinks. AeroPress Original Coffee Maker AeroPress Go AeroPress Clear AeroPress Paper Micro-Filters AeroPress Metal Filter Patented Technology ✓ Patents pending Brews American, espresso, and cold brew style coffee Brewing Capacity 10 oz 8 oz 1 to 3 cups AeroPress Dimensions 4.6” x 3.6” x 3.6” 5.4” x 4.2” x 3.8” Optimized for work, travel and the outdoors Made in USA Filter holder capacity 20 Weight 8.0 oz 11.5 oz 6.5 oz Mug Included BPA-free

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